An Exciting Weekend for Baseball

The Yankees clinched their 7th consecutive division title today. Ho hum. The real excitement is coming in the other divisons.

Oakland and Anaheim are TIED for the American League West title. Guess who they’re playing this weekend? Each other. Anne is going with a friend to Friday night’s game. It’s a three game series, so as soon as one of them wins two, it’s over. She’s convinced herself that if she roots really hard for Oakland, they’ll win. I hope so.

What’s also interesting is that Minnesota, the predetermined Central Division champion currently has the same 90-69 record as the Angels and A’s. With the Red Sox clinching the wild card, this makes things even more exciting. Since the Red Sox will play the team other than the Yankees with the best record, it’s undetermined who they’ll play even this late in the season. The combination of teams playing each other in the playofofs could determine the winner of the World Series.

We’re hoping that Oakland will win all three games, and not because they’re the local team. That will give them the best record (assuming Minnesota loses at least one) and will bring Boston to Oakland for the playoffs so we can catch a game. Sounds just like last year. The only problem is that the damn Yankees just swept Minnesota and that would be bad if they were to do the same to them in the playoffs.

As much as I’d like to see the Red Sox play, I must be pragmatic about it. Whomever can knock off the Yankees is fine by me. And the World Series is really what we’re after.

The National League is still undetermined as well. Again in the West, the Dodgers and the Giants are both close to claming the title. Guess who they’re playing this weekend? Each other again.

My couch is going to get a lot of use in the next few days.

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