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Mar 11, 2010

Lizards Lair

By: Baron88 Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Regular

I noticed this letterbox hybrid after DNFing a nearby cache, and decided give it a try. I ended up over-thinking the pillars and the metal disk, more than doubling the length of my hike. At least it was a beautiful day in the baylands. While recording my DNF, I noticed the hint. On the way back to my vehicle, I passed the object referred to by the hint and realized my mistake. I found the cache quickly after that. FWGB. T [url=]Sandra's Picture Book[/url] TB and [url=]Palm of Alaska[/url] TB, L [url=]S's Irish Dancer[/url] TB and my [url=]trackable[/url] sig token, SL. TFTC!

Jul 18, 2008

Summer Beach Stamp

By: Chickasaw of ynots4 Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Regular

I was at the boardwalk for a company off-site, and took a break from the rides and attractions to do some geocaching. This was my first Letterbox Hybrid. I enjoyed this variation, and I really enjoyed the location. Thanks for bringing me here! TN, L [url=]Travel Bug Catch & Release[/url] and my [url=]trackable[/url] sig token, SL. Thanks for the new icon, and TFTC!

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