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Apr 28, 2010

Put 'er There!

By: Shroomie Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Micro

This one was on my "nearest to church" list, so I dropped by this morning. I focused my search on the correct object, but it still took a while to spot the extremely effective camouflage. Well done! FWGB. I will keep my [url=]trackable[/url] sig token for this nano-cache moving. TNLNSL, TFTC!

FOOTPRINTS: Don't lay your bike here

By: Sam Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Small

Like others, I had no idea this trail was here. I assumed the trail ended at Los Altos Ave. I found the cache almost immediately. I didn't find anything legible on the side of the container though. FWGB. T digitalfish #11140; L digitalfish #10021, my [url=]trackable[/url] sig tokens, and a few foreign coins; SL. TFTC!

Apr 17, 2010

Spare Change

By: kobidge Difficulty: 3.0 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Micro

While Mrs. niraD was busy at the Crowne Plaza with the CCB convention, I strolled around the area to grab a couple caches. The nearby virtual was easy and quick. This micro was much harder and slower. After searching for an hour, I rethought something that I had noticed very early in my search. I was able to use one of the tools I brought with me to verify that I had indeed found the location of the cache earlier. It was more than "just" out of reach, and I didn't spot any little trick to make it slightly less evil. But I was able to improvise the necessary tools to retrieve the cache from materials available at the site and things I had with me. FWGB. TN, L my [url=]trackable[/url] sig tokens and a couple foreign coins, SL. TFTC!

Three Dancing Maidens

By: Sierra Hikers Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Virtual

While Mrs. niraD was busy at the Crowne Plaza with the CCB convention, I decided to drop by for this virtual cache. I never would have found this sculpture without this virtual cache to point it out. Thanks for detailing its history. I'll keep my [url=]trackable[/url] sig token for this virtual cache moving. FWGB, TFTC!

Apr 1, 2010

10 Years! Redwood City, CA

By: mjp303 Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Not chosen

Mrs. niraD and I are planning to attend.

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