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Apr 29, 2012

Annie's Friend

By: R & KB Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Virtual

We were killing a little time after the Coors tour and before our niece's wedding. There were lots of paragliders flying around as we went up the hill. There were a couple skateboarders headed down the road with helmet-mounted cameras. Thanks!

May 26, 2011

Trail Dog Geocache ~ Skidaway Island State Park

By: Penny & Chaos Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Virtual

Well the Day Pass fee is now up to $5, but that is still less than most California State Parks. I enjoyed the hike through the woods and even saw a raccoon on the way. Email sent. Thanks!

Mar 13, 2011

One For the Little People

By: bazzle Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Not chosen

My hotel room doesn't face the street, so I was surprised by all the people this morning who were out for the Shamrock run. It was also drizzling, so they were a bunch of very hardy souls. I stood around in the rain gathering and computing, and headed down the crowded sidewalk to the final. Thanks!

Mar 16, 2010

Enter the Dragon

By: Wandering Pirates Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Virtual

I was staying downtown while Mrs. Bytemobile attended a yarn conference this week. I made a plan to drive out to this one first thing, and did just that. I took a picture with my GPSr, but I doubt if the owner needs another one. Thanks!

Nov 21, 2009

Thumb Fun

By: PassingWind Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Virtual

We took a quick tour of the winery grounds and noted the necessary info at the point of interest. Thanks!

Aug 29, 2009

Panning for Gold

By: IWCOTTON Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Virtual

I was headed to Angel Island for my company picnic this morning, and took a quick detour from Pier 41 to have a look for this one. I spent a few minutes looking around, but I neglected to read the hint, which would have made it a bit quicker. E-mail sent. Thanks!

Oct 14, 2007

Milagra Ridge View

By: evanhk Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Virtual

This was my first visit to Milagra Ridge, and I was lucky to find one parking spot open, just big enough for the pickup I was driving. The views today were not great -- mostly a lot of fog, but it was an interesting spot nonetheless. Thanks!

Sep 26, 2007

In Texas, Everything is Bigger!

By: Verbum Sap and Elainiac & LenBob Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Virtual

I had a ten day business trip here and had a free morning, so I picked out a few caches and got a co-worker to come along. He shot the picture of me out front. Thanks!

Aug 31, 2007

Land of the Free....

By: Espy Seay Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Virtual

I had some time before heading to the airport this morning to return from a business trip. This seemed like an interesting stop, and it turned out to be quite impressive. Thanks!

Aug 29, 2007


By: Lewis & ClarkinTexas Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Virtual

This is my first Texas cache. I'm working today, so didn't have much time. This one fit the bill for a quick stop. Thanks!

Aug 9, 2007

Donner, Party of Five

By: dgreno Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Virtual

We parked our travel trailer at the Alder Creek Campground, and headed down here to the state park. We arrived at the museum at 3 pm and decided to watch the movie about the Donner Party since it was just starting. The movie was worthwhile and informative. After wandering through the museum, we headed out to see the Donner Memorial and the rock pictured above, then took a drive through the state park, along the lake. Thanks!

Aug 7, 2007

Skull Cache

By: ChrissySkyking + Blaze Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 2.5 Container: Virtual

We drove up for the day from where we were camped at Eagle Lake. We visited all the caves mentioned in the cache description (Valentine, Mushpot, Skull Cave, Catacombs, and Merrill) plus Golden Dome. We didn't bring our sweatshirts into Skull, which was OK, but some gloves would have been nice since our hands were very cold on the metal handrails. This cache was probably much more interesting when you could go out on the ice floor. From the viewing platform we were able to see a couple small patches of ice. We enjoyed the caves today, and we learned how easy it is to become disoriented in a cave. Thanks!

Sep 21, 2006

St. Josephs Niche

By: SpecialDelivery Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Virtual

I stopped by on my way to the Sierras for a little backpacking trip with my sons. This is an interesting spot, with a little history lesson that I would otherwise have missed. Thanks!

Aug 4, 2006


By: Jeffrey R. Difficulty: 3.0 Terrain: 3.0 Container: Virtual

This hike looked like it was a little beyond my comfort level, but I didn't have anything else to do today, so I gave it a shot. I headed out from Tuolumne Meadows Campground a little before 7 am, and set a turn-around time of 10 am. At 10 I was about 0.8 mi from the cache, so I continued on down the rocky trail. I got within 100 - 120 ft of the cache site, but didn't seriously consider crossing the river. There was a shallow area, but the flow rate was pretty high and I didn't have a safety rope. One slip or step into a hole would be fatal. Like wagga, I thought that the next falls upstream must be Waterwheel because of the big rooster-tail plumes of water shooting into the air. I was back at Glen Aulin at noon, but the store there was closed till 1 pm, so I skipped lunch, filled up my water bottles and stumbled on up the trail. I got back to the Tuolumne Campground at 3 pm, and was happy to be back because a big thunderstorm with hail and lots of rain hit at about 4 pm. Thanks for the adventure.

Aug 2, 2006

The Ghost Town of Bodie

By: fossillady Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Virtual

You would think this was Disneyland. The parking lot was nearly full, and the place was crawling with people. Fortunately, Bodie is a pretty big place. We took the self-guided tour and peeked in a lot of windows. Was all that stuff left by the previous occupants, or hauled in by the State Park folks? Thanks!

Lee Vining

By: Fallen and Uncleugene Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Not chosen

I headed out for an early morning bike ride from the Mono Vista RV Park, and this was the first stop. Nice little town and a great day this morning. Thanks!

Aug 1, 2006

Lakeview For You

By: Adopted By SNSpencer From TahoeBerne Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Virtual

Mrs. Bytemobile and I were camped at Fallen Leaf Lake Campground for a couple nights. I got up early this morning and headed out for a few caches. This was a nice spot this morning. The early morning waterskiiers were out, including one flying on a parachute behind a boat. Thanks!

Jul 31, 2006

Lucky Baldwin Virtual Cache

By: BBQ-Stain & Bullseye-Ron Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Virtual

Mrs. Bytemobile and I were camped at Fallen Leaf Lake Campground and we made this our first stop this morning. The weather was perfect, and we had a nice walk around the site. Thanks!

Apr 22, 2006

The Sunshine Express

By: Great Scott! Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Virtual

Wirebndr and I stopped by here for a two-fer on our way back to where we were camped at Hanford. One of the swans was by the bank where we had a good look at it. Thanks!

Fresno Tower Trek

By: Trellan Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Virtual

Wirebndr and I came up from where we were camped at Hanford to pick up a special trailer tire. After that was accomplished, we decided to take the Tower District tour. We saw some very nice old Fresno homes, and finally parked at the final. We were hoping for a plaque on the outside of the building or even something inside. We asked one employee with no luck, then hit the jackpot with the manager who gave us the history of the place.

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