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Oct 26, 2008

Is This Really The Way?

By: GoGoJo Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 2.5 Container: Micro

The coordinates for this cache were right on for me. I walked straight up to it. This was my turn-around point, and I headed back to the car from here. Thanks!

Cattle Chute

By: catomcat Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Small

Not much trouble spotting this one, but there were a surprising number of folks wandering the trails late this afternoon. Thanks!

You Must Be This Tall...

By: jasmerb Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Small

I came out for a late afternoon hike, and was surprised by how many people were still wandering around on the trails. I had a couple inches to spare for the grab. Thanks!

Miniature Golfing

By: GoGoJo Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Regular

This was my first find on a late Sunday afternoon hike for a few caches. The parking areas were quite full, so there were a lot of people with the same idea today. I had a bit of trouble with this one. I wandered around while my GPSr did the same. Thanks!

Mr. Troll

By: Skip Fore Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 3.0 Container: Regular

I felt I gave this one a pretty good effort, but I didn't really come up with a place that I thought was well matched to the hint. The stick forks indicate that this is a popular area for kids to play, so I hope it is still there.

Trolling For Razorback Ridge Trail

By: GoGoJo Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 2.5 Container: Regular

After I found this cache and was heading for Lovin' Arms, I was quite turned around. I thought it should be back in the direction from which I came, and sometimes the GPSr agreed with me. The GPSr and I finally got on the same page, and I headed on up Eagle Trail. Thanks!

Lovin' Arms

By: GoGoJo Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Regular

It was about 4:30 pm, and the sun was disappearing in this valley, so I was glad to find this cache where I thought it should be as I walked up. Thanks!

No Valley View

By: catomcat Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Regular

I followed CKayaks around on the top of Windy Hill last weekend. This weekend, I am still finding the caches he found in one day. Thanks!

Oct 18, 2008


By: Sharkz Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 3.0 Container: Small

Dropping Hide and Seek Geocoin.


By: Sharkz Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 3.0 Container: Small

The switchbacks are not very far apart, and I started looking at the wrong one, but I soon headed down the trail to search in the right area. I started out with the wrong idea, but figured it out after a short search. I left the CKayaks coin I picked up a couple caches back.

Secret Trailhead #758

By: GoGoJo Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Regular

Well, I'm pretty sure this cache is still the way you left it. I parked a different trailhead up the road, and just popped out here at my turn-around point. Thanks!

Lord of the Views

By: 50sumtin Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Regular

There was a little haze, but other than that, there were great views up here today. This was the start of a hike I took along Lost Trail today.

Yet Another Switchback

By: GoGoJo Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 3.5 Container: Regular

This area is a bit tricky because of GPS reception and the closely spaced switchbacks. I found the right area after wandering on down the trail a bit. I signed the log after CKayaks. Thanks!

Windy Hill Open Space Preserve ~ MROSD

By: MROSD (adopted from GoGoJo) Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 3.5 Container: Regular

I examined two interesting possibilities for hiding spots that I noticed as I walked up. Those didn't pan out, so I read the hint, and immediately saw the fairly exposed cache. I left it covered a little better than I found it. Thanks!

Just Around the Cone-er

By: finderofthingz Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 2.5 Container: Micro

I immediately spotting the hiding spot, but didn't feel or see the cache right off. I looked around a little bit, read the last log, then found the cache on the second try. Thanks!

15% Camo

By: big checker Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Regular

The cache at the trailhead was gone, but I decided to hike on down to grab this one. No problems spotting it in the second place I looked. Thanks!

50% Percent Camo

By: OneAngryPuppy Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 2.5 Container: Regular

This was a nice afternoon for a hike along Lost Trail. The light must have been right because this was a fairly quick find, with no need for the hint. Thanks!

Ultimate Valley View

By: GoGoJo Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 3.5 Container: Small

I didn't spot the cache right off, so I started reading my PDA. When I was done, I looked down by my boots and spotted the hiding spot. CKayaks was here ahead of me and I took the traveling coin that he left.

Hamm Sandwich

By: Sharkz Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 3.0 Container: Small

My GPSr didn't disambiguate the hint for me, so I started looking in the wrong place again. As I was replacing the cache, a group headed over to this area from the main trail, and there was another group passing by on the trail. This was a busy place today!

Hasenpfeffer on the Old Road

By: Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Small

I'm not sure about this being an old road. It definitely is used as a firebreak at the present time. I was able to spot the cache from just the waypoint. I took a sigitem out of the cache and left Bytemobile turtle #439.

Wooden Waterfall

By: lil checkers Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 2.5 Container: Small

I like the cache title. I figured out where the cache must be as I walked up, and was signing a few seconds later. Thanks!

Hey, Over Here!

By: Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 3.0 Container: Micro

I just noticed the cache density in this area, and planned a hike along Lost Trail. My GPSr initially led me up the trail, 60 -80 feet from the cache, but I used the hint to figure things out fairly quickly. Thanks!

Oct 17, 2008

Creek Trail Cache

By: scottio19 Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Small

I have cached up and down this trail on bicycle, but today I was close by in the car, and just made this one a (nearly) drive-up. No problems spotting the cache. Thanks!

Where the Old People Live

By: Zulas Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Small

I had a little free time between tasks this afternoon, and this one was not far away. No problems spotting it. Thanks!

Whatever IT is...

By: wogerwabbit, jgtaylor123, morozgrafix Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Small

Things were hopping on the campus this afternoon, but I wander about, collected the info, and got the right coordinates on the first try. Not much trouble turning up the cache with the nice hints. Thanks!

Oct 12, 2008

Juana Multicache?

By: ChipnDonna Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Micro

Quite a nice mural! I wished I had done this one just prior to the other multicache in this area. My PQ was a few days old, so I was looking for a decon container, and I had no trouble spotting it. I didn't read the hint, and now I see that the cache was moved, probably by the kids that use the tree. The cache looked to be entirely intact, with log and a variety of trading items.

Coutts Like a Knife

By: Cachebot Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Micro

I parked off of Porter and did the little hike over to the cache. Very nice craftsmanship and attention to detail!

Arastradero Oaks

By: Changes in Latitudes Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Small

I went out for a little car caching this afternoon, and this one was along my route. It was a little hike from where I parked, but I needed the exercise. Thanks!

Juana Briones Slept Here

By: digitalfish Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Regular

My legs didn't feel like a hike this afternoon, so looked for some interesting spots that were easy to access. Thanks!

Do You See What I Saw?

By: E-T Explorers Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Micro

I looked for the first stage two or three years ago with no luck. Today I spent a little more time and eventually came across it. My hands found it, so I couldn't be sure I got it back exactly where it was, but I doubt if it was in the original spot anyway. No problems with stage two. Thanks!

Procrastinator's Stash

By: Fyrfly Difficulty: 3.5 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Other

I just followed my GPSr to some nearby parking. I found a Sharpie at the jumping off point, so I am probably not the first cacher to use that approach. I was distracted at the first stage by a geocache-like item, but eventually spotted the item of interest, and with some difficulty was able to read the numbers. No problems finding the cache. Thanks!

Historic Palo Alto (Mayfield) 4

By: Rain734 Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Micro

I had to read the plaques a couple times before setting off for stage two. No problem grabbing the final with the nice hint.

What I wouldn't do for a Geocoin - Traditional

By: frivlas Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Micro

It was a quiet day a the park, with a couple tennis players and a dog walker. I sat down and enjoyed the sun for a little while. Thanks!

Virtual Machine Bus Stop

By: Runnerinwoods Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Micro

I run their product every day to have a Linux machine running on my Windows desktop computer. No major problems with the cache, except I was scratching my head for a while over the evil twin. Thanks!

Frenchman's Hill

By: Moon Lady's Elder Sister Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Regular

I really like the walkways that cut though this neighborhood. No problems spotting the cache. Thanks!

Oct 5, 2008

Los Gatos Little Pictures

By: spyder woman Difficulty: 4.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Micro

I enlisted the help of my older son yesterday, and we set out with high hopes. We skipped a few pictures, picked up the trail, lost it, and picked it up again. We finally called it a day after an hour and a half or so of walking around. Today I gave it another try by myself. I couldn't pick up the trail where we left off, but I wandered far enough that I spotted another picture. I spotted 19 of the 44 pictures in my two days of attempts. Hardly a passing grade, but I signed the cache log. I think this cache is definitely worth a four-start difficulty rating. Thanks!

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