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Nov 26, 2006

Dark Satanic Mills

By: angevine (proudly adopted by muchado) Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Micro

7:26 pm - We had fun driving between all the waypoints here, but in the end came up empty. We hope to give it another try soon!

Sep 9, 2006

Jdsinger ?s Fairoaks Park

By: jdsinger Difficulty: 3.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Regular

2:37 pm - DNF. Lots of dust and nasty things in there, so we didn't look too long.

Sep 3, 2006

...with a twist

By: rambeaux Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Micro

7:19 pm - Even if the neighbors are in on this, I wasn't comfortable searching with two people painting a fence right next to the cache. Another time.

Jul 4, 2006

She Sells Sea Shells

By: dr_dolittle_rwc Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 2.5 Container: Small

8:26 pm - DNF. Not a lot of places to hide one here and we checked all of them. Might be time to check on this one.

Apr 2, 2006

SC Fire - Agnew Station

By: nielsenc Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Micro

12:05 pm - I trampled the ivy for a while here today. While that was fun, I couldn't find the cache, even with a lifeline. It started to rain I decided that was enough for me.

Nov 20, 2005

in the middle of everything

By: howeler & Mira Jade Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Micro

1:17 pm - I felt uncomfortable searching here, even if the locals are in on it. The door was wide open and the workers were looking right at me. My GPS didn't really settle down either, so I ended up searching all over the place.
Out of nowhere some guy came over to ask me about my 60cs and tell me how much he liked his. I got a hint from another cache after and I checked that place, apparently not thoroughly enough though. I'll try again at off-hours someday.

The way before the Bridges...

By: howeler Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Regular

1:24 pm - I was walking up to this one when I noticed a cop parked across the street pointing right at me. I didn't feel like being questioned today, so I turned right around and headed for another cache.

Nov 13, 2005

UB: Guerilla Warfare - Arms Cache

By: Team Nazgul Difficulty: 4.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Micro

5:20 pm - DNF #2. I got the new coordinates since my last find, but I just couldn't spot the darned thing. Once it got dark I admitted to myself that I'm no winini and I would never find it. Here's hoping on attempt #3.

Nov 12, 2005

Coyote Point

By: mjp303 Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Micro

2:37 pm - Searched and searched for this one, even calling a lifeline. We did get to meet idleCPU and some brand new cachers though.

Sep 25, 2005

Lilie & Lois's

By: Neslake Difficulty: 3.5 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Micro

4:00 pm - I like to be first at things. Take this cache for example. I was first to solve and now I'm first to DNF. I checked all the nearby objects and couldn't come up with it. I'll be watching.

Sep 24, 2005


By: DavidT21 & Fisherwoman Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Micro

1:21 pm - We've been talking about coming here again for a while. We decided it was time for another sugar fix and made this the destination for our day. We went in and bought $86(!!) of beans and then looked for the cache. Looked and looked most of the way through a jawbreaker but couldn't spot it. With the sugar buzz we were on, it was hard to care.

Sep 5, 2005

Railway Bridge

By: GeoBrowns Difficulty: 3.0 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Micro

7:30 pm - I came armed with a hint from the owner after my last DNF many months ago. Checking carefully, I came up empty. It might be time to check on this one.

Sep 4, 2005

High Water

By: bullit Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Small

5:49 pm - I tend to be pretty blind when it comes to decons, but I could not find this diff 1 cache. Some kids were nearby; perhaps they saw TeamAlamo and friends earlier.

Sep 3, 2005

Blanston's Stinker

By: JimmiGee Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Micro

4:01 pm - Searched for a while, but I was really tired after getting up early for the event, so I called it a day. Must be great camo!

Aug 27, 2005

Somewhere in Los Altos

By: catomcat Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Micro

5:20 pm - I spent 20 minutes or so looking for this one and failed to connect to a lifeline. My Dad IMed me and reminded me that the baseball game was on. That sounded like a lot more fun and it was.

Aug 21, 2005

LOOKY -LOO ""--- > ""--- >

By: bobs94jeep Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Small

1:16 pm - Coordinates all over the place, poison oak, stickers, flies, signs that say danger and the feeling that I shouldn't be there didn't make this a pleasant experience. I gave up after checking all the obvious places and spending 20 minutes here.

Aug 20, 2005


By: Butano Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Micro

11:32 am - I found the original Bugs, but not this one. Looked pretty thoroughly at ground zero, but I think kids play here.

Aug 14, 2005

Safe Diligence

By: vaccine Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Micro

11:34 am - Too many people around here today including one guy 5 feet away who seemed fascinated with what I was doing. Some other time.

Jul 3, 2005

"To Honor Surfers"

By: 50sumtin & Pink Static Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Micro

1:21 pm - When I arrived there were two guys there - one talking on a cell phone, the other napping. The guy on the phone was away from the cache was a bit away, but the napping guy was right next to it. I walked around a few times and woke him up, but he was sleepy and laid down again. I ran out of time and had to go. Some other time I guess.

Jun 16, 2005

Somewhere in Cupertino?

By: catomcat Difficulty: 4.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Micro

6:50 pm - Adding my name to the DNF hall of fame. Searched for about an hour with MotorBug, wstefanc, mcpuke, TeamJiffy, and DavidT21. We didn't find a thing. I really hope this is a truly ingenious cache that cachers with tens of thousands of combined finds haven't seen before.

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