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Dec 28, 2006

Route 101 Travel Bug Hotel

By: solid-rock-seekers Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Regular

11:27 am - We stopped quickly at this one on our way to Brookline. I used to have a friend who lived right through these trees. TNLN. Thanks!

Dec 27, 2006

Pinardville Beavercut

By: Grampa Cardigan Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 4.0 Container: Regular

1:47 pm - That was an interesting walk down to the cache, but probably not worth a full 4 stars. Maybe with some snow on the ground it would be tougher. We did not know about the rail trail here. Thanks!


By: TheSmokingMonkeys Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Micro

3:08 pm - Hey, this gas station is new! I don't remember it being here. Anyway, this was a quick stop. Thanks!

The Monk's Treasure

By: Grampa Cardigan Difficulty: 3.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Small

2:54 pm - We did quite a bit of driving around the campus for this one, trying not to go the wrong way down the one-way roads. We went the wrong way on the trail and ended up bushwhacking a bit. Then we looked hard in the rocks to find it barely hidden close by in a more more obvious spot. TNLN. Thanks!


By: Kayak Kouple Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Small

1:21 pm - We had fun seeing these spots in Pinardville. Besides the grocery stores and the bowling alley, I haven't spent much time here. Found it OK too. TNLN. Thanks!

Dec 22, 2006

Elliptical Reasoning

By: The Rat Difficulty: 4.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Micro

"Reverse boultered"? My mind is all aflutter trying to figure out how I could be clumsy in reverse!

Dec 17, 2006

Switchback View

By: MotorBug Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 3.5 Container: Small

1:47 pm - Our our twilight hike a few weeks ago, we came close, but ran out of time before we could grab this cache. It was a short jaunt up from the junction and back to grab it today. Thanks!

Alpha Ten - Confunction Junction

By: Thefogheads Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 3.5 Container: Small

1:34 pm - I was thankful for the break here after the uphill portion of the hike. Had no problem finding it, even if it was a micro. Thanks.

TC-A Road Less Traveled

By: CKayaks Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 3.5 Container: Regular

2:38 pm - I was a little worried because I didn't research the trails beforehand on this one, but it turned out to be not hard at all. We took the road less traveled and found the cache easily. TNLN. Thanks!

Umunhum Point

By: bullit Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 3.5 Container: Small

1:23 pm - I dropped off Anne and my mother in law at the trailhead because I didn't think they'd want to do the walk from parking. It took me 8 minutes from the intersection of Shelton of Overlook to the trailhead and another 10 minutes or so to catch up with them. I was pretty much out of breath by that time. Nice view. TNLN. Thanks!

Just A Little More Temptation

By: CKayaks Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 3.5 Container: Not chosen

2:13 pm - Just curious - does CKayaks ever need a different hint? [:D] It seems like they're all decons in a bush, chest high! Found this one alright and headed on down. Thanks!

ES06 El Sereno OSP Thefogheads Secret Trailhead #1

By: Thefogheads Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Micro

4:46 pm - I would hate to live up here and have to give people directions to my house! A few times we were pretty sure we were driving up someone's driveway. We finally found the right road and parked a few hundred feet away. Thanks for the cache!

On The Trail Again

By: MotorBug Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 3.5 Container: Regular

2:20 pm - I sure whish all these caches were here when I did Lexington View long ago! This one is probably only a 3 terrain if you come from Shelton - a lot less elevation change that way. Thanks for the cache!

A View for Shamar

By: Thefogheads Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 2.5 Container: Small

4:32 pm - Wow, this was a great hidden view. Definitely one of those places I never would have found before Geocaching. Thanks!

ES02 El Sereno OSP (Nazgul Secret Trailhead #5)

By: Team Nazgul Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 2.5 Container: Small

3:51 pm - After 4 years of Geocaching, it's rare that I find a new trail in the South Bay to explore. This one was a treat. Not busy, and quite scenic. I tried a few places before I found the cleverly-hidden cache. TNLN. Thanks!


By: Rosy3 Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 3.5 Container: Micro

1:28 pm - Geez, another so cache so close up here! It was kinda chilly out here today, but it made for a clear day. Thanks!

Dec 16, 2006

Somewhere in San Jose

By: catomcat Difficulty: 3.5 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Micro

Found with a hint. I think this one was a little too hard to be fun for me.

Jdsinger ?s Fairoaks Park

By: jdsinger Difficulty: 3.0 Terrain: 1.0 Container: Regular

Found it on my second try. Much easier when you know the size of the container. TNLN. Thanks.

Dec 3, 2006

Almost Natural

By: Rocket Girl and DuckeyLee Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 2.0 Container: Small

4:00 pm - Without looking at the description, I thought this was another one of WoW's caches. This one was just his style. Found it pretty quickly, TNLN. Thanks!

Marsh Miles

By: hotshoe Difficulty: 1.0 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Small

4:52 pm - We don't seem to remember that 3:30 is a bit late to start a walk these days. There was little light left when we got back to the car, but there was quite a bright moon. Thanks for the evening stroll.

Pheasant Roost

By: geekster Difficulty: 2.0 Terrain: 1.5 Container: Small

4:20 pm - Last time we walked around here, we ran out of daylight and didn't make it over to here. We ran out of daylight today too, but at least we did this one on the way in. No pheasants around today, but I did scare off a whole flock of mallards. Thanks!

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